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Here, we will explain what criteria we use to ensure that shops certified. 

100% safe shop label is given free to business owners if the thumbs up or ( recommended ) yield more than 20K user visitors. If you are a website owner, please give a thumbs up on your page so you can get a 100% safe shop label.

How do reviews help with online shopping?

Shop descriptions and product descriptions provide important initial information when shopping online. But in order to make a really good purchase decision, more and more buyers are relying on the experiences that other customers have had with the shop and the product: Are the delivery times good, what’s the service like if I have problems, how does the product feel, does it really work as advertised?

In the Business reviews, you can see how good the quality of the service, the delivery, and the actual products really are.

The total number of reviews and the review score play an important role, but it is also worth taking a look at negative reviews to see how the retailer reacts in case of problems.

Rating disclaimer :  Each review has a personal story , all thumbs up or down given to your page based on visitors visiting the business review page. 1 IP address for 1 thumbs up or down.

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Affiliate Disclaimer
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